Our project is, in part, interested in the influence that the idols have even after death. While we reach out to provide a path to enlightenment, there is evidence of them reaching back in unexpected ways. Amy Winehouse’s early death has had a previously unseen positive influence beyond her music.

Winehouse’s album Lioness: Hidden Treasures was initially launched December 2, 2011, and contains songs and demos that were previously unreleased. Although notable because it features the last recordings of her great talent, the proceeds from the album are going to the Amy Winehouse Foundation. This foundation supports charitable activities that provide help, support or care for young people in need due to poor health, financial disadvantage, or addiction.  Recently, the foundation donated €25,000 to the LauraLynn House in Ireland which assists in children’s hospice care. Foundations such as these prove that many icons, despite a short lifetime, can provide a long-lasting positive legacy.



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