What would you do to own a part of your favorite idol? Many of us would perhaps listen to a song or go buy a favorite album, but of course there are more unlikely options too. Recently, a 1972 minivan was selling for the mere price of $24,701. This isn’t your run of the mill family van though. In fact, it features doodles from Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain.

The Melvan, nicknamed after the van’s previous owners the Melvins, came up on eBay at the end of August. Cobain, who was a roadie for the band, just happened to sketch the busts of Kiss. The Kiss members’ likenesses on the driver’s side of the van have been verified and were reportedly created with a stolen Sharpie pen.  Unfortunately, the bidding on the van has ended. For those of us who didn’t get the chance to own a piece of grunge rock history this time, we’ll just have to wait for resale!



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