Nirvana and their lead singer Kurt Cobain are iconic representations of the 1990s. Cobain’s stripped down and raw music breathed a new life into rock music. His artistry and passion for the craft are still relevant in musical discussions almost 20 years after his death.

When thinking about Cobain and Nirvana, many think of the final days and untimely death of the lead singer. In contrast to this, author Gillian Gaar focuses on the formation and early life of the artist and band in Entertain Us: The Rise of Nirvana. Using a combination of archival materials and interviews with those around the band at the time, Garr is offers the reader an out of the ordinary take on Cobain’s life and the band’s formation. Just because the book takes place in the early years, don’t think the book isn’t full of action and intrigue (including the tumultuous relationship between Cobain and wife Courtney Love)!


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