Around the height of his career in 1984, Michael Jackson all but disappeared from the
public eye. He recognized that along with his growing empire and wealth, a backlash of
jealousy and negative media would inevitably follow. During this time of recluse
between 1985 and 1987, Jackson not only created a mystique and anticipation for his
return, but the record-breaking album, “Bad.”

Now celebrating its 25th anniversary, “Bad” was made to follow Jackson’s already wildly
successful and world-record breaking album, “Thriller”. Using brand new technology in
synthesizers, Michael Jackson and his team created uniquely-tailored sounds never heard
before. Combining this new realm of technology with Jackson’s original vocal additions
made a multi-layered and ideal 80’s pop album that still remains popular today. On
September 18th, 2012, “BAD25” will be released as a three disc anniversary production.
This will also include two collectible booklets and the first ever authorized DVD of his
1988 BAD World Tour performance at Wembley Stadium in London.


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