Even 18 years after his death, Kurt Cobain continues to be an intriguing celebrity with
ever-changing types of conversation. A new book written by his friend and a former
member of the band “Hole” (with Cobain’s wife, Courtney Love) Eric Erlandson wrote
“Letters to Kurt.” Although not a tell-all of his relationship with the famous grunge artist,
Erlandson penned a series of poetic essays that cover topics like music, fame,
relationships, and mortality using Cobain as his inspiration.

"I'm not writing to (Cobain). I'm writing to myself and writing to that part of him in
myself, or however you want to look at it.” Erlandson also notes that he’d tried to write
the book several times before using different muses instead of Cobain, "But it didn't
work, and at some point it was like I was called to face the past and start dealing with
it...and not avoiding it and not hiding from it but facing it and trying to understand it and
bring clarity so I can move on and become a better person.”


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