Along with being one of the most celebrated and awarded singers during her lifetime,
recently Whitney Houston has also earned a posthumous entry into the Guinness Book of
World Records. Following her death in February of 2011, 12 of her tracks found their
way back onto the UK charts once fans began to purchase her catalogs once more. This
made her the record holder for most simultaneous hits on the British singles chart by a
solo female. The previous record holder was Amy Winehouse immediately following her

The two record-holders were honored in a tribute by Lady Gaga at her London concert
over the weekend. Lady Gaga’s new song, “Princess Die” is a dedication to not only the
late Princess Diana of Wales, but the pop star also stated, “I swore if I ever had an
audience like this in London, I would take a moment to appreciate her... This is for her,
Amy Winehouse, Alexander McQueen, Whitney Houston and me.”


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